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Hardware Solutions

Installation, configuration and technical services

Public transport companies need information on passenger numbers by route, service and station or stop. To obtain this information, special hardware is required, whether in vehicles or stationary facilities. p2data has many years of experience in this area and supports customers with installation, configuration or advises them.

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Augmented Reality

The p2data solution meets all requirements in a flexible and cost-efficient package. The installed hardware is checked and can also be continuously monitored and supported remotely. Particularly interesting is the use of augmented reality for fast, competent and goal-oriented support of the service staff, even over large distances.

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Hardware Services

p2data provides services for the technical integration of counting systems in the respective environment (bus, train, stationary, etc.), also supporting most manufacturers, configuring and controlling the data transmission and checking the data quality.

With the web application, p2data or the customer can control the entire data flow and processing, monitor the system status in the whole fleet, and initiate maintenance tasks. From the vehicle inspection to the acceptance that follows the installation, p2data is your competent contact.

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Installation & Configuration

p2data installs all necessary hardware components of a counting solution and offers the following services:

  • Vehicle inspection
  • Installation of the counting system including sensors (almost every manufacturer), and data processing unit.
  • Commissioning of new vehicles
  • Supporting the workshop in troubleshooting (first-level support)
  • Ensuring high vehicle availability
  • Many years of experience & know-how in maintenance and fault analysis
  • Competent personnel also available for on-site assignments at short notice
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p2data Collector (p2d-u190) for data recording and data transfer.

The p2data Collector records the count values (input/output) of connected sensors, time stamps, GPS position and status in open file format (Json, XML). Supports standard protocols for internal and external communication (VDV301).

Now also available as a virtual solution for installation on existing hardware in your vehicle fleet.

Status information and diagnostic data are available directly on the unit. This data file is transferred to an FTP server at a defined frequency and supports standard protocols for internal and external communication.

The recorded data is processed with the data warehouse application. The modern sensor technology can provide additional object class information (child, adult, bicycle).

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Data Management & Data Warehousing

p2data Data Warehouse Architecture

  • Processing of passenger data from existing APC systems independent of manufacturer or distributor
  • Analysis of vehicle occupancy data (by service, route or stop including analysis of overload conditions)
  • Journey analysis (arrival time, departure time, deviation from timetable)
  • Fleet management (capacity & occupancy, optimisation, efficiency)
  • Data presentation (vehicle, position, route and stop activity)
  • Support for many report formats, such as graph, table or map
  • Customisable dashboard with a display of desired key figures (stop with the largest boarding and alighting behaviour, overcrowding, etc.)
  • Support of various exports, integration into in-house systems
  • Full monitoring and maintenance service of installed APC systems
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Data processing

The p2data solution processes recorded and collected data in different formats from third party systems (e.g. IN-FODEV, ACCOREL, etc.) or from hand count data. The solution has the following features:

  • Processing of passenger count data from any system including occupancy data.
  • Monitoring of all data, verification of data quality and highlighting of processing problems
  • Plausibility check for data validity Analysis of data by service, route and stop
  • Comparison of count data with timetable data and stop information
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Presentation and evaluation

p2data provides a solution based on data warehouse architecture for data presentation and analysis. This architecture allows the integration of additional data to the passenger count data, such as ticket information, weather data or other data.

  • It supports many report formats, such as graphs, tables or maps.
  • Customisable dashboard with a display of desired key figures (stop with the largest boarding and alighting behaviour, overcrowding, etc.).
  • User-friendly reporting and analysis functions (dashboard with KPIs)
  • Customised reports and analyses Extrapolation of data to predict future occupancy forecasts and their requirements
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p2data offers additional services to support you in your daily work with passenger counting data and to get an optimum of information:

  • Hardware monitoring – including control and maintenance of the installed hardware (independent of the manufacturer)
  • Data verification in terms of plausibility, quality, number of measurements and system errors
  • Control of network and timetable data with regard to inconsistencies, GPS & distances, planning values and times
  • Verification of data processing with regard to conversion of planned data into measured journeys
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Mobile App Sensor Counting

  • Counting sensors from various manufacturers can be used (e.g. Hella, Xovis, Iris, Photognosis, Vivotek)
  • Various selection and configuration settings
  • Manual control of start/stop of automatic counting
  • Live occupancy display
    Automatic transmission of recorded data
  • Various reports and evaluations are possible
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Mobile App Manual Counting

  • Supply with timetable data
  • Data acquisition via line and stop
  • Live occupancy display
  • Automatic transmission of recorded data
  • Various reports and evaluations are possible